Our Kitchen

At our beachfront restaurant tucked away in a secluded and relaxed area of Simpson Bay, guests can enjoy delicious and unique cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Join us for a smoked salmon eggs benedict, pancakes, etc for breakfast. BBQ ribs, chicken, burgers, veggie pasta/stir fry, salads, etc for lunch. Gossip-worthy creole style dishes with shrimp, conch, mahi-mahi and also continental style steaks, rack of lamb, salmon, pasta’s, etc for dinner. All day people can also simply come for a variety of snacks to choose from. You can find all on our menus posted here on the page. Come join us to eat, drink, and be merry with the ocean right in front and in the evening with the sound of the waves. Finish dinner and take a digestif such as cognac right out to the beach with you - what is a better way to finish a meal?